Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

About Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Chinese culture, which features a long history of profound nature, pays great attention to the harmonious relation between human beings and nature.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach is fundamentally different from that of Western medicine. In TCM, the understanding of the human body is based on the holistic understanding of the universe as described in Taoism, and the treatment of illness is based primarily on the diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment starts with the analysis of the entire system, then focuses on the correction of pathological changes through readjusting the functions of the core organs. The clinical diagnosis and treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine are mainly based on the yin-yang and five elements theories.

Applying 5000 years of ancient healing marvels, we offer Traditional Chinese Medicine or better known as TCM, healing methods. Located on the ground floor of Mines Wellness Hotel, the hotel also houses a spa and offers a wide range of aromatherapy treatments. 

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